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  1. Let's Play Cave Story.
  2. Let's Play Yoshi's Island.
  3. Q and A
  4. Let's Play the Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap.
  5. Let's Play Touhou 10
  6. Let's Play Metroid Fusion.
  7. Ninja Five-o
  8. Golden Sun.
  9. Let's Play Chrono Trigger. [Blind]
  10. Easycap testing zone!
  11. Let's play Metroid: Other M [Hardmode].
  12. So, next LP.
  13. Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy.
  14. Osu! stuff.
  15. Let's Play Dark Fall: Lost Souls
  16. Dustforce.
  17. Preveiws of things to come!
  18. Let's Play Dark Souls. [New Game+]
  19. FTL: Faster than Light. [Text LP]
  20. Let's Play La-mulana the Remake