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  1. Super Metroid mini/bossless item contest
  2. The Nuzlocke Challenge - A Pokemon Challenge
  3. My Nuzlocke Challenge
  4. Dragon Warrior III Solo Quest w/ No Deaths
  5. CLG Old-School Gamer's League - OFFICIAL CONTEST THREAD
  6. Battletoads
  7. Cinnamon Challenge
  8. Slender Game Challenge
  9. Wind Waker 3 Heart Run
  10. Interest check for a new forum challenge (OSU!)
  11. I Wanna Be The Guy Challenge
  12. Zelda: The Minsh Cap Three Heart Challenge! (Earn a special forum icon)
  13. LordEnvoy's FF6 One Million HP Challenge: Emperor Dragon
  14. Tenkarider's Ultimate CzarDragon Challenge(Re-Post)
  15. Man-Grit Challenges: Earn your grit (HUB)
  16. Man-Grit Challenge: Metroid (NES)
  17. Man-Grit Challenge: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES/SNES)
  18. Man-Grit Challenge: MEGA PONY (Computer)
  19. Azure Striker Gunvolt Challenge (Earn forum icons and games)!