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Channels & Aggregate Mode

What are channels?

Channels allow chats on different subjects to be separated. For example, there could be a channel for general discussions, and a channel for gaming-related talk.

How do I use channels?

In the upper left of the shoutbox, there is a "[Channels]" link. Clicking it brings up a list of available channels that you are allowed to access. From there, you can click on an individual channel name to switch over to that channel.

What is Aggregate mode?

Aggregate mode allows you to view shouts from all the channels you can access, in one screen. They are differentiated by a channel identifier that appears to the left of the shout's time, which can also be in an admin-chosen color. Aggregate mode can be found in the channel list.

How does posting in Aggregate mode work?

When in Aggregate mode, the current channel you will post to will be identified left of the Shout button. In order to change which channel you want to post to, first find the channel identifier in the channel list, which is in parenthesis to the right of the channel name (the identifier is also to the left of the time in each shout). Next, type "@identifier" in the input box, and press the Shout button. For example, to switch to the "main" channel, type "@main". You can also put text after this, which will post a shout to the channel you are switching to in the same step. For example: "@main This shout is in main." In addition, while in Aggregate mode, you can click the channel identifier to the left of each shout to automatically place the identifier in the text box.


What are macros?

Macros are like reusable shouts. They allow you to define text that can quickly be posted via the /m command. Examples include being able to post a link to a thread with something like /m t [threadid], quick-linking to images on an image hosting service, etc.

How do I define macros?

Macros are defined with the /mset command. Usage of the command looks like /mset(name) The macro text. Inside the macro text, you can define placeholders, which look like {1}, {2}, etc. They are numbers between braces, counting up, starting from 1. For example, to define a macro that links to a thread (like the example in the previous answer), you would use the command /mset(t) http://thisdomain.com/path/to/forum/showthread.php?t={1}, replacing thisdomain.com/path/to/forum/ with the actual domain and path to the forum.

How do I use macros?

Macros are used with the /m command. The /m command is used like /m name arg1 arg2 [...] arg10. The "arg1 ... arg10" part is optional, and only needed when using a macro that has arguments. If an argument has spaces in it, surround it with single or double quotes. Also, if an argument has a single or double quote in it, the argument must be either quoted with a different quote, or quoted with the same, and use a backslash (\) before the embedded quote. For example: "with spaces", "with ' single quote", "with \" double quote".

How do I view my macros?

You can view the macros you have defined with the /mshow command, which displays a popup listing your macros.

How do I edit macros?

To edit a macro, simply redefine it with the /mset command.

How do I delete macros?

To delete a macro, use the /mdel command. The /mdel command looks like /mdel name. For example, to delete a macro named "t", use /mdel t.

Custom Shout Styles

What are custom shout styles?

Custom shout styles allow individual users to change the color, font, italics, and bold settings on their shouts. The style within the shout input box will update to reflect the custom style.

How do I change my shout's color?

Your shout's color can be changed by posting /color newcolor, where newcolor can either be a name of a color, or a hex value prepended by #. For example: /color red, or /color #FF0000. To remove the custom color, simply post /color.

How do I change my shout's font?

Your shout's font can be changed by posting /font newfont, where newfont is the name of a font. For example, to change your font to arial, type /font arial. To remove the custom font, simply post /font.

How do I make my shouts bold and/or italicized?

To make your shouts bold, use /style b. To make your shouts italicized, use /style i. To make your shouts both bold and italicized, use /style bi. To remove the bold and/or italics from your shouts, simply post /style.

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