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Default Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the CountyLineGaming Forums! We're a community centered on Let's Plays and video games. We're happy you decided to stop by.

Before you begin posting, please go over these Posting Guidelines. They will detail what we think is required to create a successful post. If you have questions, contact the forum staff.

01. Spelling, Grammar, Syntax
If there is a single trick to creating a good post, it is consistently being aware of spelling, grammar, and syntax. Here's a smattering of examples from each:
  • Spelling
  • Use words that you know and understand.
  • Know which spelling of your/you're (and others) is appropriate for use.
  • Use online or local resources if your have a misgiving about a word.

  • Use periods, question marks, commas, quotations, and apostrophes.
  • Capitalize the first word of each sentence and any proper nouns.
  • Use correct articles (the, an, some) and pronouns (mine, ours, him, hers).
  • Be aware of tense.

  • Do not type like Yoda would speak.

This is the internet. Every kind of person from any kind of place can end up on the CountyLineGaming forums. If English is not your primary language, do not be afraid to post! Any reasonable person will understand that you may not be fluent; we see diversity as a positive, so post away!

02. Stay On Topic
These forums have great members who often share camaraderie in the form of jokes and references. To that end, it is not imperative to stay on topic at all times. So long as your post does not fail to address either the main thread topic or the occurring conversation, it will be considered a post to keep.

03. Use Quotes
When replying to a thread, use Quotes when directly addressing anything except the main topic in question. Using Quotes greatly increases the chance of receiving a direct reply (especially in longer threads).

To use the Quotes feature, simply click beneath the specific post you wish to address inside of a thread. Upon doing so, you will be taken to a reply screen where the entire post you wish to address will be automatically formatted and highlighted in a way that is easy for others to see.

From there, you can choose to edit the Quote down to the very sentence you're addressing and compose your reply.

04. Do Not Double Post
A double post is when a thread contains two posts in a row from the same user. This is not allowed anywhere but in the Let's Play forums (provided a user is posting videos) and The Basement.

Double posting commonly happens outside of these areas because a user is trying to reply to multiple people at one time. The CountyLineGaming forum has a Multi-Quote feature for this purpose. This feature allows a user to create more than one Quote for a single reply.

To use Multi-Quote, simply find the two or more posts you wish to address and click . The button will highlight indicating that it has been successfully selected. Once highlighted (), click on any of the selected posts. From here, you will be taking to a reply screen where the Quotes will be automatically formatted and highlighted individually.

05. Post In Appropriate Areas
These forums are organized into categories; create threads in the category appropriate for your topic. It can sometimes be unclear where you should post your thread: should a topic I want to create about a board game be posted in Gaming or Media?

If you encounter this kind of question, just make the best guess as determined by other threads in the same category. If the administrators think it belongs somewhere else, they will move it to the right place and make a polite note of it in the thread.

Only blatantly disregarding the category structure will result in adverse action!

06. Search The Forum
Following the General Guidelines, posting as much as possible is something we support. However, sometimes topics about common points of interest may already exist. Use your best judgment to decide if this is the case for the topic you want to post.

Searching the forum is a very good place to start! The administrators will determine if a newly created topic is similar to an already existing one. Depending on the circumstances, the topics will be merged or the new thread will be moved to The Dump.

07. Format Your Posts
Most of the time, a regular looking post is fine. However, sometimes adding color, various text sizes, links, and images can greatly increase the quality of your posts. The CLG forums have a hybrid WYSIWYG/Quick-Format editor installed. By default, Quick-Format mode is selected. You can use the toolbar above the input box to manipulate text and insert objects.

Simple Mode

Advance Mode

If the is pressed, the editor will switch to WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mode, which can offer a real-time glimpse of how your post or thread will look.

Formatting is accomplished via BBcode, or special tags that are defined by the forum software. BBcode can be input manually in place of using the editor buttons. Simply place the appropriate tag around the block of text, image URL, or link you wish to format.

For a complete list of BBcode tags supported by this forum, click here.

Thank you again for visiting the CountyLineGaming forums. We want everyone to get great feedback on all the threads and replies they post. Following these Posting Guidelines is meant to help ensure that outcome. Have fun posting!
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