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The Lion King
  • Platform Super Nintendo
  • Date August 24, 2011

  • Players Galuf + Hyper
  • Type Co-Commentary

  • Dev/Pub Virgin/Westwood Studios
  • Release December 8, 1994 (US)
Sunrise awakens the animals of Africa to gather at the foot of Pride Rock, paying homage to their newborn prince Simba, son of Mufasa, the Lion King. The Circle of Life: The way of the Pride Lands and all those who dwell there tells of how all things are connected. How all animals depend upon one another for survival, and how birth itself is just the beginning of the circle. Simba's journey takes a very different route however when his evil uncle Scar starts a Wildebeest stampede. The Lion King Mufasa is killed, and young Simba flees into exile thinking that it's all his fault. Meanwhile, Scar and his hyenas take over the Pride Lands and lead it into ruin.

Join Simba as he explores his future kingdom, overcomes the wicked hyena in the Elephant Graveyard, and much more. Experience real power as Simba grows into an adult lion. Only then will he be ready to challenge his ruthless uncle Scar, and take his rightful place in the Circle of Life.